Wednesday, February 27, 2008

D-irt Day

Woke my eyes wide-open at the tick of Three,
Snap!..Pierced into me, a twig of the paranormal tree.
A feeling that "it's one of those days",
Shrouded my mind in possible dimensional ways!
I Am not the sorts who believes in superstition,
And neither was I trippin to have bizzare hallucinations!
Buzz..Buzz..buzzed my cellfone restlessly,
"The cab moves ur ass out in 3" a message cries out incessently!
With all my routines going haywire,
The entire setup seemed a satire.
I make it safely to my campus;a slaves'quagmire,
Praise the lord, for there were no 'work-sucking'vampires.
I drag my foot down to this building,
Taking my next few steps with absolutely no inkling.
Something that put me to worry,
Was this newly laid out "path to glory".
What happened next made suck on the number Three!
Three damn steps on this path,
And my old skools were in dire need for a bath!
I now sit in my cubicle donning a 'cold feet',
With my old skools now begging for a mote of heat!
I recollect the night before; to understand what had gone wrong,
The figure Three had been the culprit all along.
A nap of 3 hours had taken it's toll,
Now, my mind's all absent and incapacitated to poll.
I just wish for this day to fly as breeze,
And pray to end this 3's ordeal day in peace \,,/,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bed Bug

I love the way u cocoon in your bed,
The smell of your skin sedates my head.
Your wavy hairs splashing across my face,
Percolate in my mind a sense of angelic haze.
There is something bout this beauty and grace,
That, keeps me away from disturbing ur state of daze.

Encounters of the smoker's kind

Alright, it is true. Smoking is one helluva habit that is hard (nearly impossible) to quit. A couple of relations 'smoked up' with this addiction. Numbers that keep rolling each day signify the death count of those who have undergone slow combustion and valiantly made it into a life sized ash tray!All this summed up, yeah! smoking sure is Injurious to Health. But, each smoker has a perception as to why he smokes, s/he can never explain the answer to a simple question "why do you smoke?" The poem that I have composed here and posted on Shake's blog "he is an avid smoker too and doesn't really care about living beyond 45yrs of age (teehee...) ...amazing talent", is an answer to that question. The poem reflects my experiences with smoking and the moral of it need not necessarily provoke people to adopt this habit. Smoking Is severely Injurious To Health.

Follow this link to read on:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Cat walking those run down lanes,
Sleazy Whispers meandering through the window panes,
Black, red and violet strands..flocking out of an unkempt mane,
Life as an angel is such bane!

A Cadillac crosses me and stops,
Grisly beast..rolls down his window and shouts,
"Sup! bitch...wanna 'ride' "
Emotions of scare, pain and 'fun'do a high tide,
The blatant truth of being a s.l.u.t is hard to hide.

I slide onto his 'monster size' ride,
Only to stumble upon more dawgs on his side!
Before I could refuse,
A syringe digs deep in and blows my fuse!

I wake up in the middle of night,
Hands and legs strapped on tight.
It seemed I had survived with all the might,
The tortures inflicted upon..during the loss of eye-sight.

My body lies there..rotting,
My soul wanders bare...haunting!
I feel the warmth of heaven through the rising orange sun,
Almighty embraces me,a victim of poverty,
Gracing me with the true form of angelic femininity.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Latex of beauty

Your skin's so fair,
Onlooker blinded with a whiff of glare.
U pamper it with the best of snow,
No wonder they emanate such glow.
Confused I am!
Oh, with such beauty and flair,
Shard of so much as hate to bare!