Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Destitute's Life

The wet tarmac feels like a blanket of ice,
Shards of waste being scavenged upon by the sewer mice.
Street lights flickering at the break of dawn,
Resonate with the beating of my heart that would never again re-spawn!
I stare at the fading stars barely raising my eye lids,
Reminiscence of my 'needy' life flashes by, since a kid.

I took birth on a bed of dead roses,
A bed that never reeked the smell of lactoses.
Thorns that pricked deep in,
Hushed the innocent tears with bleeding.

I barely remember waking grown up,
In as much, my veins never really ran out of the 'syrup'!
Carried around, dazed, drizzle of coins poured in the cradle of hope,
Offerings being used too feed my sedation with more of dope!

The day arrived when I was sobered and end my cradler's loathe,
A moment to cherish 'cos I was gifted with pieces of tattered clothes!
Happiness lasted until I was forcefully graduated,
What good is it to hold a certificate with both arms amputated!

I wandered like a heaven less soul,
Scavenging for food and living in a shit hole.
My license to destitution,
canceled! 'cos of below normal remuneration!

I question the lord, who at birth existed,
I didn't do no wrong to be so wasted!
I can think and so I am a man,
What good is a 'paralyzed' thinking if I cannot feed my own biological can!

Day after day, with no food to sate,
My tortured self bobbered all, that was left of my fate.
My physical self gradually began to raze,
With nothing more left, I once again slip into the world of daze!

Breathing on my last few heartbeats,
I kill the atheist inside and begin to pray,
"Oh almighty! do not impart an orphan's fate to the world of cheats"
Poorest of living is better than destitution on a life's tray!

I don't feel the breeze no more,
Seeing my skeletal body through the eyes of a soul, was not a lore!
A hazy white figure walks towards me & asks, "Son, is there anything u wish?"
I speak, "Rebirth as a human is something I will never cherish!"


ShAkE Inc. said...

truly, a magnum opus. in every sense. every word. foookin' brilliunt!!!

Sahefa said...