Sunday, March 9, 2008

Celebrating Woman

"Woman", life support for the humankind! This sex that has accomplished everything that men could and couldn't. The respect that she deserves is unquantified! On this day dedicated for women , a poem that describes the phases of the woman's life has been composed and posted on the consortium blog called the "Writer's Blend", their theme for the month being Celebrating Woman. I would like to thank my mom for enlightening me with the underlying idea of this composition. Wish her and the entire population of women "A very happy women's day". Celebrate. Cherish. Conquer.

Feminist | Resurrection. Reverberation

I am the voice of a woman,
The vital race for existence of human.
Behind the success of every man,

Lies my presence as a talisman!

I am born as a daughter,

Mostly caressed, like the clay by a potter,
Sometimes the victim of a man slaughter,
Life of a woman is an opera of falters!

I adolesce into a wanted dame,
Become an arm candy for all his fame,
Words of wisdom sound all lame,

The time was now to put my horses to tame!

I groom into a caring wife,

Give up everything to acclimatise with his life,

Lived by orders at the edge of a knife,

The glamors of a fairytale is no more rife!

I pregnate into the life of a mother,
Lactate my newborn genes to grow further,
The fairytale endings are here to smother,
Flair of effeminism is now trivial to bother!

I now senesce my presence into an old age home,
After his death, life became a hysterical syndrome,
Story of my life is no more an epitome,

In as much, my'self' has lost all it's chrome!

I now lay on a bed of roses,

My soul sails over the sea of life's dozes.

I am the lady on a flying dutchman,

Hear me out, I am the voice of a woman!

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P.S: The compilation is purely fictional and does not relate to any individual.

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